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the u.s. is gearing up for possible military action in libya. >> tonight, the pentagon is moving american forces into the regions. charlie reports in a tv interview today, moammar gadhafi showed some serious signs of dilutions. >> protests in libya's capital. several hundred demonstrators gathered for a march before pro government fighters chased them away. the protesters left behind their message for moammar gadhafi to leave. in geneva, they had the same message, that gadhafi must go and he should be held accountable. >> these universal rights are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. >> slapped a libyan government with new sanctions, including an armed embargo. leaders are discussing a no fly zone over libya to prevent. >> our message to colonel gadhafi is simple, go now. >> gadhafi gave an interview to abc news. >> no inspiration. no, for what? they left me all with me. they left me all. >> for now, he has a firm grip on the capital. the government has been handing out cash to citizens to buy their support. while much of eastern libya is in rebel hands, the regime is
. passport lines long and airports jammed. thursday the u.s. government offered to evacuate u.s. citizens. >> i'm concerned because i really doesn't know the situation about the radiation. it keeps changing. >> reporter: many japanese are fleeing the stricken northeast region and moving to shelters like this one in the northwest. here they found a place on the floor to sleep and a little bit of food. but the misery from the original disaster still hangs heavy over much of japan. new video of the tsunami shows the terror the water rushed higher and relief as neighbors rescued neighbors. thank you, this woman says. i thought i was going to die. japan's top government spokesman says the country is now willing to accept help from the u.s. military in tackling the nuclear crisis and are examining exactly what next action step to take. >>> detecting a plume of radioactive particles over the pacific ocean tonight from japan and tiny particles are already falling in the bay area. this as public health officials down play a plume descending on california. that plume is being monitored by stations
the nation to explain his decision to send u.s. forces into libya. >>> more californians are working. employers hired 100,000 people last month for new jobs. california's unemployment rate dropped slightly to 12.2%. that is still a lot higher than the nation's unemployment rate. including selano, marin, and san francisco. >>> except for one area that is so excite that the feds say something is wrong. joe vazquez shows us where. >> people here are very, very nice. >> barbra grew up and continues to live in the affordable housing come pledges. she knows she is raising her children in one of the most desirable counties in the world. >> i walk down the street, people say good morning to me. i feel fortunate. >> she happens to be one of the whitest. 94% of the residents are white. the highest percentage in the bay area. that's according to a list of the whitest cities in the bay area, compiled by the citizens. seven of the top ten cities are in marin county. the federal government recently took marin county to task when it comes to providing housing. marin is not in compliance with th
. two american pilots suffered minor injuries. in the meantime, the u.s. military says it is considering all options in response to attacks from civilians in the coastal city. this video reportedly shot there surfaced on youtube. >>> first contaminated well water, now a cock roach infestation. robert lials with another tenant's horror story. one of the bay area's most controversial landlords. >> we liked it because a lot of light got into the apartment. >> nick thought a third floor apartment in this oakland building would make a good home for his family, but within days of moving in. >> we started seeing cockroaches. >> and within a few weeks. >> they were everywhere. they were in our clothes, our furniture. it got to the point where we find them crawling on our bodies in bed. >> turning what he says should have been peaceful flights of slumber into nightmares for his young son. >> among their toys, we would have to shake off the clothes before we put them on. it is something they will never forget. tbl when the landlord wouldn't fix the problem, he moved his family out. his orde
. at this hour, the government is trying to get locomotive sized generators from the u.s. navy to prevent any meltdown. that is what the expert in our stair is saying. there's much this country's government is not revealing. >> that could take a couple dais easily to get out to those locations. a bad situation gets worse by the minute. robert, thanks. >>> coming up, the strong bond between the bay area and japan and the efforts already underway to help that country recover. >>> and the science behind the disaster? japan. the geology that made it happen. why a disaster of that magnitude probably could not happen here. >>> i'm meteorologist in the cbs 5 weather center. coming up, we'll take another look at that tsunami as it was moving on shore, and we'll talk about your weekend. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] breakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. >>> the bay area is of course home to a large japanese american population. linda shows us how t
his decision to commit u.s. forces for libyan freedom fighters. how well did he make his case to the american people? >> it is the kind of witness that a prosecutor absolutely wants to use. >> the barry bonds perjury trial gets intimate. what evidence his ex-mistress proves he used steroids. >>> a bay area landmark up to sale. what it will cost you to buy that piece of rock. good evening, i'm ken bass teed a -- >> i'm dana king. the president says the united states took action to stop a massacre. >> but now nato will take the reins in the operation to protect the civilians in libya. >> president obama: i said role would be limited and we would not put ground troops into libya and we would focus our unique capabilities on the front end and we would transfer responsibility to our allies and partners. tonight we're fulfilling that pledge. >> pledge. >> from an address to the nation he stated libya would be better off with gaddafi out of power and he'll pursue it through other than military means they are dominated militarilily and politically by the united states. in addition t
's rule. they had their own rally. meanwhile, the u.s. is sending help to refugees fleeing the violence. >> we have sent humanitarian assistance teams to both border regions with supplies like water containers, blankets, medical supplies. >> and those supplies were brought in today by two u.s. air force cargo planes. two civilian planes have been chartered to help bring home foreign workers who have left the turmoil. >>> it was one of those everything went wrong kind of weddings. how one couple's nightmare nuptuals have become an internet sensation. >>> women are better than men at everything. >>> and it looks like we do have rain moving back into the area. i'll pinpoint the day that it's expected as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, on flights. now, say wedding. but you know the saying: anyt . >>> well, it was supposed to be the perfect sanoma county wedding. but anything that can go wrong did go wrong and it did, big time. grace lee on the misfortuned that are becoming an internet sensation. ♪ [ music ] glsh driving rain and wind greeted brian and kathy on the
was recovered on the rock near fort mason. u.s. park police are handling the case because the remains were found on parkland. authorities haven't revealed the gender or age of the person. >> contra costa is growing faster than any other county. the county is now home to more than 1 million residents. contra costa leaders plan to draw new boundaries for its five districts. >>> and two police officers who shot and kill add barber shop owner will not be charged. the officers were flagged by a woman who said derek jones tried to strangle her. the officers said jones denied repeated demands and he appeared to be reaching for a weapon. no weapon was found and informations found witnesses confirm the officer's account of the incident. >> it wasn't your run of the mill car thief, not by a long chief. someone repelled down the side of a building. the owner of that car is a nationally known celebrity. grace lee reports the hardest part of this job for the thief may still be ahead. >> i would say it's unusual. >> it's a cape ire of movie proportions. >> hello ladies. >> but say good-bye to a lamborgh
years ago is now before the u.s. supreme court. high court heard arguments today on a class action lawsuit on behalf of nearly a million female wal-mart employees. betty dukes of pittsburgh is the plaintiff. she says wal-mart supervisors passed her over for promotions. the class action lawsuit was the best way to have an impact. >> wal-mart is an 800 pound gorilla in the room. >> wal-mart denies dediscrimination. company's attorney says the suit is too big and too fractured and they urge the court to throw it out. >>> new study released two hours ago suggest how your food is prepared and packages may expose you and your loved ones to a controversial chemical. dr. kim shows us how one bay area family got involved. >> yes, you start cutting. >> last year, the family changed how they ate. all in the name of science. >> i found this research project on craigslist. >> it was really to bring in a different way of cooking food. >> we stopped using plastic bottles. >> it was about bpa and if it was in our body. >> bpa is an industrial chemical found in can and plastic packaged foo
of state, hillary clinton, says the u.s. has made significant progress. >> a massacre was prevented. gadhafi's air force and air defenses have been rendered largely ineffective and the coalition is in control of the skies above libya. >> also hit today, a military facility that went up in flames. libya says the facility was not only destroyed, but there were also military and civilian casualties. >>> and the arab uprising spread to syria, where today 20,000 people took to the streets in the southern part of the country. now this is notable because syria is one of the most repressive countries in the middle east. more demonstrations are planned after friday prayers. >>> well here at home with the stroke of a pen, governor brown cut $8.2 billion from the state budget, but he says that is not enough. >> but of course, we are only half way to the goal line and we need to find more revenues or we need to make more and more drastic cuts. certainly the next round of cuts will be much more painful. >> today's cuts impact millions of californians. programs for the developmentally disabled
of them ready to day and the other half to be created as monsters against america. >> reporter: with the u.s. and others providing effective air cover for the rebels the pro gaddafi forces have fallen back. but the still-out gunned and disorganized rebel forces have not been able to mount a significant offensive of their own. mark phillips, cbs news, tripoli. >>> today they are back in the japan's crippled nuclear plant trying to get it stopped. smoke forced an evacuation again today. they have discovered some cooling pumps were destroyed in the tsunami and earthquake so they are racing to bring in new pumps. it is stabilizing but it could be weeks before it is under control, they say. >>> a fremont man has saved drivers a whole lot of money and he may have just spared you from a red light ticket. as kiet do shows us it all started over a beef at the red light camera. >> reporter: a red light camera used to be the top money-maker in fremont. that is until roger jones helped to put the brakes on it. >> these things are not doing what we want them to do and there's better ways to accomplish th
the facility. libyan television blamed anti- qaddafi sources and the u.s. and nato are still considering how to handle this. they are considering a no fly zone to stop the libyan air force from bombing civilians. >>> the hockey team is accused of throwing a game. the coaches have been suspended and rival teams are making some serious threats. kiet do has video of the game where this all started. >> reporter: the santa clara blackhawks lose this game against the san diego goals on purpose? watch for yourself. the blackhawks, in white, never took a shot at their opponent's goal and, in some instances, just dumped the puck away. when san diego took a shot, it appears as though the blackhawks goalie just stood there and let the puck go by. the california amateur hockey association has now suspended the entire blackhawks coaching staff because they say there's credible evidence there was a plan, scheme, or design to intentionally lose the game. >> it's that first step. you suspend somebody, have an investigation, you get to hear both sides of the story, you death to hear the whole story. >> repor
turned out electricity. they say this will withstand any earthquake up to a 7.5. >> like all u.s. nuclear reactors they are over built. >> they operate the plant supplying electricity to 1 1/2 million house holds, edison says its plant can withstand anything up to a 7.0 and it has a 30-foot wall to hold off a potential tsunami. >> when we talk about with standing, certainly you're not infeignedding to operate the plant during an emergency but you want to shut it down and protect the public. we can do that. >> none of the faults in california are expected to produce anything close to the quake that has devastated japan. state and federal officials say we're well prepared for any natural disaster. but that's all so what the japanese assumed about their own nuclear reactors. >> it does tell you that your assumptions about safety may be wrong and i think we really need to go back and take a look at our systems and make sure that our assumptions are still valid. >> reporter: there are multiple protections in place, sensors run by the government should detect any radiation leaking from here or
within the past 45 minutes, the u.s. upgraded that to 8.8. japanese television network showed employees stumbling around as books and papers came crashing down on them. the tsunami threat is not limited to japan. for a better understanding of what that means, we go live to roberta gonzalez who is standing by. roberta. >> i am getting off the television from the west coast. in addition, i verified this with the national weather service. they have not even had the time to print this out yet, but now in effect, a tsunami watch for the entire west coast. this does include from the canadian, washington border as far south as california and the mexican border. so indeed now a tsunami watch in effect for the san francisco bay coastline. what does that mean? we just don't know at this particular time yet. this is a fluid situation in which the national weather service, the tsunami center are watching the bowies and as the waves approach the bowies, we'll get a good indication on the height, the size of these waves as they head towards the west coast. what we do know is in a case like this, we
in santa crusader julie inkster and u.s. go hasan detatum who was introduced by tom watson, clark won two super bowls with the 'niners, he'll never live down that risk dick house fur coat he wore. >> joe had it too, so i wasn't the only idiot out there. after that catch play i -- we were getting calls from all over about people wanting endorsements and we did a little ad for a local company and, you know, got the coats at a great deal and so there we were on the floats with fur coats, all the fans were pulling all the fur, i got -- i still have that coat somewhere, it's got bear spots on it from the fans pulling fur out of it. >> number 4, minnesota's kevin love, 23 points, 17 boards, 15 straight double doubles tying the great moses malone for the all-time record. >>> demers landed a brutal right cross to the official's chin. the guy he was aiming for was being held back by the other official. go to an eye doctor. >>> at number 2, jeremy thompson has a prettier one, this is something you'll only see on cbs5. lacrosse because we care. >>> a's fans remember why you love nick swisher so much
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)